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Being a developer means that you always have to be familiar with the latest additions to the technology space. You've decided to introduce a new part to your technology stack, maybe Node.js in the back-end, or Angular in the front-end, or perhaps even the full MEAN stack. You have options. You can let your developers spend weeks self-learning from books and online tutorials, each coming up with different conventions and ideas of best practice or you can get your developers all trained up and delivering quality code within a couple of days. With our courses, developers get a concise knowledge that can immediately be put down into practice.
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Latest and greatest?

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If you're starting out or building a startup, you could waste a lot of time looking at and evaluating different technology stacks. You try lots of things, tinker with different frameworks and languages. Most developers are itching to try out the latest and most significant technologies. They want to try out the languages and frameworks that are generating the industry buzz. They want to use these in a meaningful way in their day jobs. Don't lose them, keep them engaged, train them and get them involved.
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