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Our onsite workshops will give your team:

  • Knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience

  • Confidence that they are doing things the 'right' way

  • Renewed levels of motivation and enthusiasm

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Why have onsite training?

You've decided to introduce a new part to your technology stack, perhaps Node.js in the back-end, or AngularJS in the front-end, or maybe even the full MEAN stack. You have options.

You can let your developers spend weeks self-learing from books and online videos, each coming up with different conventions and ideas of best practice
or ...
You can get your developers all trained up and delivering quality code within a couple of days.

Stop wasting time experimenting

If you're starting out or building a startup you could waste a lot of time looking at and evaluating different technology stacks. You try lots of things, tinker with different frameworks and languages.

Don't waste time spinning your wheels, get training!

Don't lose your best developers

Most developers are itching to try out the latest and greatest technologies. They want to try out the languages and frameworks that are generating the industry buzz. They want to use these in a meaningful way in their day jobs.

Don't lose them, keep them engaged, train them and get them involved.


With Full Stack Training courses and workshops you will get ...

Renewed enthusiasm for development

This is the core premise for Full Stack Training. There is nothing like learning something new, powerful and useful to get you or your team motivated.

Advice and guidance from an experienced trainer and developer

All Full Stack Training courses are delivered in small groups by an experienced trainer, giving you direct benefit of their knowledge and experience.

Confident that you're following best practices

As with any programming there are good ways and bad ways of doing things. Full Stack Training courses ensure that you're using best practices from the start.

A view of the extent of the possibilities

There is so much you can do with these new technologies, and different ways to use and enhance them. We will open the curtains.

Confidence in using the latest technologies

After one of our courses you will feel confident to get started on a project using the technologies covered.

Hands-on experience actually working with the technologies

Our workshops will give you the chance to actually work with the code, and put into practice what we teach. It really helps the stuff to sink in.


We have a range of courses covering different parts of the technology stack.
The courses are 1-4 days long, depending on the amount of content to be covered.

Hands-on with

Duration: 1 day

  • No AngularJS experience necessary
  • Learn the basics of AngularJS
  • Code organisation and management
  • Build a Single Page Application
  • Routing and templates
  • Dependency Injection
  • Using data from Web Services
  • Controllers and services

Building full stack apps with the MEAN stack

Duration: 4 days

  • Application architecture
  • Best practices and code layout
  • Database modelling with MongoDB and Mongoose
  • Build and consume a RESTful API
  • Serve HTML from ExpressJS
  • Build and include AngularJS components
  • Build an AngularJS Single Page Application

Build a REST API with
Node.js and Express

Duration: 2 days

  • No Node.js experience necessary
  • Node.js fundamentals
  • Introducing NoSQL and MongoDB
  • Best practices for a REST API
  • Using Express for URL routing
  • Defining data structures with Mongoose
  • Error trapping and validation
  • Testing API end points

100% money-back guarantee

All of our courses come with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you sincerely feel that one of our courses doesn't deliver on the promise then we will refund the full cost of the course.

Course not listed?

If you'd like us to teach a course that is not listed above, or a variation on a theme, please feel free to get in touch. We have several more courses to help get you or your team up and running with technologies such as Bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp and, to mention only a few.

Limited availability

We are based in the UK and can travel domestically and internationally. We can only offer 1 or 2 onsite trainings per month, so if you want us get in touch now to book your workshop.

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