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MEAN Stack certification

Simon Holmes | 22 August 2016 | Business news | MEAN stack

We are very happy to announce that our MEAN stack zero-to-hero course now comes with certification!

How to get certified

Each section of the course contains a quiz. To get the certificate you need to complete the course and get a pass mark of 75% on each quiz.

Certification has been a much requested feature, and we feel it makes sense to test your knowledge first so that you really earn it. This way the certificate really means something!

When you've got the certificate you can easily print it out, add it to your LinkedIn profile or share it on your social networks.

The certificate looks like this:

MEAN Stack Certificate

What's in the MEAN stack course

As mentioned, there are five sections in the course, each containing a quiz. The sections are:

  1. Creating web servers with Node.js and Express
  2. Working with MongoDB and NoSQL
  3. Build robust REST APIs using Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  4. Single Page Applications with AngularJS, the right way
  5. Adding authentication to the MEAN stack

As well as the quizzes and the certificate the course includes about 12 hours of video teaching, a code repo you can checkout and various activities. We are big believers in "doing things the right way" so there are best practices throughout the course.

Sound good? Check out the main page for our MEAN Stack Course with certificate.

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