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Arrow functions in ES6 / ES2015

Arrow functions are a new addition to the latest iteration of JavaScript (ES2015). They allow developers to write more terse functions (i.e. fewer lines of code) but there's also a major difference between a standard JavaScript function expression and an arrow function: a reference to this is not being created for every new function definition. Let's take a look at a bit more in detail and see what this means.

Tamas Piros | 7 May 2016 | ES2015, ES6, JavaScript

ES6 Object Destructuring

As JavaScript developers you are working a lot with objects and let's face it, manipulating objects wasn't the most convenient thing in JavaScript. ES6 is about to change this. Today we are going to discuss how to destructure objects using ES6.

Tamas Piros | 28 July 2015 | JavaScript, ES6